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Healthy Schools

Social and Emotional Health

We support schools to improve children and young people’s social and emotional health.

Social and Emotional Health is an extremely wide and diverse topic area and it is important that schools consider all aspects of the school day: including ethos and culture, curriculum, teaching and learning, discipline and reward, environment, support services and targeted interventions.

Training & Events

Training has been developed to support your school to consider a wide-range of topic areas related to the social and emotional health of pupils.

This includes training to support an ethos of anti-bullying, e-safety, promoting positive body image and self esteem and understanding and supporting behaviour.

Manchester Healthy Schools are committed to improving the social and emotional health of children and young people across the city.

Our universal training is available for all schools that have completed the Health Check.

Schools that have prioritised Social and Emotional Health this year will have access to a wider selection of ‘in-house’ training and support to ensure that they are able to make significant progress in this area.

Please find a full list of training available to support the development of Social and Emotional Health below.

For more information please contact hannah.shad@mft.nhs.uk

Social and Emotional Health

Young people and the online world: E-safety and social media

18th April 2024

1.5 hours


This course focuses on the different ways children and young people use the internet, and both the advantages and disadvantages of online and social media use. The session includes how we can respond...
Social and Emotional Health

Understanding and navigating british values and smsc

19th June 2024

1.5 hours


This course looks at what British Values and SMSC are and how they can be promoted in schools as well as Ofsted expectations around SMSC. This training course explores the guidance issued by the DfE a...
Social and Emotional Health

Social emotional health and improving school outcomes

1.5 hours - online or in house


This course looks at the importance of social emotional health and how its promotion in schools can positively affect whole school outcomes. The session explores how social and emotional health can b...
Social and Emotional Health

promoting positive body image and self-esteem

1.5 hours - online or in house


This course defines what body image is, factors that can affect a young person's body image and the potential negative effects of these factors. It will explore how schools can promote positive body i...
Social and Emotional Health

Language of Inclusion & Anti-Racism

2 hours [pre-recorded digital link]


This newly developed training straddles both areas of RSE and Social & Emotional Health, and has been designed to support all staff at any level with increasing their understanding around diversit...


We offer bespoke training courses. Please contact us for more information


HUGE thanks for the training tonight. You tackled some difficult subjects, thank you. The subjects need to be spoken about more, so high fives for doing it with such sensitivity. 

Staff Wellbeing Workshop

I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming and delivering the training yesterday. The staff said how helpful they found the training and thank you for the resources you forwarded too. 

We will look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Social Emotional Health and Improving School Outcomes


A range of resources, including lesson plans and activity ideas, have been developed to enable schools greater support around the area of Social and Emotional Health.

Links to resources from other organisations have also been provided if we think these will be useful for you.

If you are a school engaged with us we suggest that you log in prior to viewing resources so these can be recorded in your school dashboard. 

If you are struggling to find resources around a related topic area, please do get in touch to let us know: hannah.shad@mft.nhs.uk