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Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Our aim is for schools to ensure good-quality, ageappropriate RSE is available to all children and young people. We aim to increase teachers’ confidence in the delivery of RSE in the classroom through the provision of quality assured training and resources.

Manchester Healthy Schools is committed to ensuring goodquality, age-appropriate RSE is available to all children and young people across the city.

Training & Events

Training is offered to schools to ensure good quality, age appropriate RSE to all children and young people. The training aims to increase teachers’ confidence in the delivery of RSE in the classroom.

Training is delivered in a practical manner to enable participants to experience the curriculum through experiential learning.

Our universal training is available for all schools that have completed the Health Check.

Schools that have prioritised RSE this year will have access to a wider selection of ‘in-house’ training and support to ensure that they are able to make significant progress in this area.

Please find a full list of training available to support the development of RSE education below.

For more information please contact cat.chester@mft.nhs.uk

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Advanced RSE Practitioner Programme [Session 1]

31st October 2023

1 year (4 x 3 hour sessions throughout the year)


A year long programme consisting of three standalone sessions, and one reflection session. Participants will get the most out of the programme if they can attend all four sessions, although individual...
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Engaging Parents/Carers with RSE: Developing a Working Partnership [1]

9th November 2023

2 hours


This session covers best practice in consulting with parents and carers about statutory RSHE guidance as well as supporting schools to build strong and ongoing relationships with parents. The trainin...
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

An Introduction to Gender & Sexual Orientation

14th November 2023

1.5 hours


This introductory course is recommended for all school staff and is broken into 3 sections, as follows: LGBT+ Terminology, Pronouns and Understanding Gender & Sexuality: we all have a gender...
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Creating LGBT+ Inclusive Schools and Lessons [1]

17th November 2023

Half Day


This half day training session looks at how we can engage with young people, free from assumptions about gender, relationships, sex and sexuality.Designed for SLT, PSHE and pastoral leads, this sessio...
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Teaching FGM: Best Practice [1]

28th November 2023

1 hour


This course is designed for KS2, KS3 staff teaching the new statutory RSHE guidance which includes; keeping children safe from FGM, the laws surrounding FGM​, inclusion and safe classroom practice​ as...
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Teaching Body Parts, Positive Puberty & Body Diversity [1]

14th December 2023

1 hour


This course is designed for KS1 & 2 staff teaching the new statutory RSHE content. The session is a introduction to teaching puberty & body parts with a body-positive approach.


We offer bespoke training courses. Please contact us for more information


I would just like to say thank you for running the competition and giving our students a real sense of success & pride of what they have personally, the school and the community have achieved through the Covid pandemic. 

Big Health Challenge 2021

I cannot tell you how useful your call and your information via email has been - thank you! I will use this to help my dialogue with this parent and also as part of further staff development.

Thank you!! 

PSHE Communication


A range of resources, including lesson plans and activity ideas, have been developed to enable you to deliver good quality RSE in school.

If you are signed up to Manchester Healthy Schools you can log in and download our I Matter curriculum and access further resources in RSE.

Schools not signed up to Manchester Healthy Schools can still access national reports and guidance which we hope will be useful to improve RSE and safeguarding in school.

If you are a school engaged with us we suggest that you log in prior to viewing resources so these can be recorded in your school dashboard.

If you are struggling to find resources around a related topic area, please do get in touch to let us know: cat.chester@mft.nhs.uk