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Healthy Schools


This includes all aspects of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education and is supported through our universal offer.

Training & Events

Training has been developed to support your school to consider a wide-range of topic areas related to PSHE.

Our universal training is available for all schools that have completed the Health Check. 

Please find a full list of training available to support PSHE below.

For more information please contact sophie.collins@mft.nhs.uk


PSHE Coordinator Training (Half Day)

10th June 2024

Half Day


For staff coordinating PSHE in primary, secondary or special schools. This course covers: -Developing skill and enthusiasm within your teaching team.Timetabling solutions, and how to advocate for time...

PSHE Network Meeting - Summer

12th June 2024

1pm - 3pm (2 Hours)


This network meeting is for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education Coordinators and staff who are responsible for delivering PSHE.  The meetings offer staff the opportun...

Introduction to the Pedagogy of PSHE

1-2 hours


This session focuses on effective teaching and learning strategies in PSHE Education. Designed for teachers delivering PSHE content, the training focuses on three main areas:Developing your expertise:...

Teaching Sensitive Subjects - Focus on Mental Health, Consent, or Gangs and Exploitation

1-2 hours


The course covers:General PSHE techniques applied to the specific content area. Content area is chosen in advance between the three offered, as is needed by the school.Tools and tricks to build engage...


We offer bespoke training courses. Please contact us for more information


I cannot tell you how useful your call and your information via email has been - thank you! I will use this to help my dialogue with this parent and also as part of further staff development.

Thank you!! 

PSHE Communication

Without HS this year, PSHE would be in an utter mess. I have learned so much from Cat and Sophie and my own subject knowledge and ethos has greatly improved as well as helping to reach an understanding with our parents.

Healthy Schools Consultation


A range of resources have been developed to enable schools greater support in creating a whole-school PSHE curriculum.

Links to resources from other organisations have also been provided if we think these will be useful for you.

If you are a school engaged with us we suggest that you log in prior to viewing resources so these can be recorded in your school dashboard.

If you are struggling to find resources around a related topic area, please do get in touch to let us know: sophie.collins@mft.nhs.uk