Healthy Lifestyles

Manchester Healthy Schools is committed to raising awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyles and equipping staff with the knowledge and understanding about a multi-faceted approach to reducing obesity among children and young people.

Training has been developed to support schools to develop healthy eating policies and best practice around encouraging physical activity for all ages.

Universal training is available for all schools that have completed the Health Check.

Schools that have prioritised Healthy Lifestyles this year will have access to a wider selection of bespoke or 'in-house' training and support to ensure that they are able to make significant progress in this area.

Please contact for more information.

Please find a full list of training available to support healthy lifestyles below. Bespoke training for secondary schools and special schools is available on request.

The Healthy Lifestyles theme aims to promote and develop healthy lifestyle choices in the school age population, preventing and reducing the number of children with excess weight across Manchester, and incorporates a range of resources, staff training and interventions around the topic areas of healthy eating and physical activity.

Training & Events

The Power of Healthy Eating

Priority Primary Secondary Special

This one hour training session considers the importance of a whole-school/community ethos based upon healthy eating. It looks at the im...

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Active Lifestyles- The importance of Physical Activity

Priority Primary

This one hour training course covers the importance of a whole-school approach to Physical Activity, in line with the Government ‘Childhood...

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Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating - Wednesday 3rd March 2021 3.30pm-4.30pm

Universal Primary Secondary Special

This 1 hour course considers the national guidelines around food served in schools and how a culture of healthy eating can be created. Topic...

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Developing A Physically Active School Community 21st April 2021 3.30pm-4.30pm

Universal Primary Secondary

This 1 hour course considers the national guidelines around physical activity in schools and ways to get your whole school community moving...

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