Health Education


At Manchester Healthy Schools we pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we have built with our schools. Working in partnership, we ensure we maximise the quality of health education and support for children and young people in Manchester.

Effective drugs education

Thank you very much for delivering that last night and sending the slides. We really appreciate your support.

- Teacher Rackhouse Primary School

PSHE Communication

I cannot tell you how useful your call and your information via email has been - thank you! I will use this to help my dialogue with this parent and also as part of further staff development.

Thank you!! 

- Teacher St Catherine's Primary School

Injury Prevention Resources

Many thanks for the bitesize training it was useful! We do not currently mention magnets in our risk assessments when we do the initial meeting with families, so I have suggested to the managers to incorporate these. Thank you again.

- Outreach Worker Sure Start Centre

RSE curriculum timeline

We have so far completed a timeline for moving forwards with the new RSE curriculum at our school. I've contacted Cat some time ago (after she was excellent at supporting with some RSE technicalities from the new legislation) and she said that HS would be happy to support us on our journey.

All roads have led back to you, and I'm so happy! I really appreciate your support on what seems like a great task (delivering the new RSE curriculum in a transparent, fair and thorough way) but with the support of HS we will enable our children the skills and knowledge that they need in order to excel in these tentative years, into young people and adulthood.

Thank you for the open questions' suggestion which I will feed back and include on our timeline.

- Teacher St Margaret's Primary School

Big Health Challenge 2021

I would just like to say thank you for running the competition and giving our students a real sense of success & pride of what they have personally, the school and the community have achieved through the Covid pandemic. 

- The East Manchester Academy Teacher

RSE Day Resources June 2021

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the resources you pulled together for RSE day. I’m the PSHE Co-ordinator at Grange and we celebrated RSE day and combined it with a celebration of Pride month. I used a lot of your resources from the Primary and Special Schools pages to share with teachers across school for activities; the feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive and the pupils seemed to really enjoy their time doing the activities. Thanks again for doing most of the work for me on RSE day!

- Grange School Teacher

MHST Showcase June 2021

Dear Kimberley, I wanted to personally say ‘thank you’ for your attendance and contributions yesterday afternoon at the GM MHST Showcase event. I feel that we certainly demonstrated the successful partnership working and excellent developments for Manchester, which was demonstrated with our strong Manchester representation on the call.

- Manchester Health & Care Commissioning Management Lead

SEND padlet and training booklet March 2021

Great timing Kimberley! we have the SEND visit this week, cc ed to Maria and Laila so they are aware. Thanks again.

Nicola Marden, Assistant Director for CCHS

Hi Kimberley

These look great. Thanks .

Laila Baig, HOS SALT and OT


The padlet is fantastic, it’s really well thought out and organised,

Healthy Schools are working so hard to achieve great results

Thank you

Denise Gaston, Operational Manager- School Health


Absolutely excellent work again Kimberley.

Please pass on my thanks to Emma and all the team for continuing to produce such a high standard of work. As Nicola says it is great timing and really adds to all the great work that services have been developing around SEND.

Claire Duggan, Lead Manager

- MLCO Managers

General comments March 2021

Many thanks also to all of you at Healthy Schools for the hard work research and all the ideas/activities you produce as well as taking on board.

Keep up the fantastic work.

- Camberwell Park Teacher

Parental Engagement training February 2021

Thank you SO much for today's session. It was brilliant and I found it incredibly useful. I have so many ideas and resources now on how to move forward with engaging parents with our RSHE policy, and I personally feel far more knowledgeable and confident on how to approach what can be a challenging and daunting area.

Thanks again

Heather – [St Catherine’s Primary]

Thanks Cat! A really informative, useful session communicated brilliantly! Thanks so much!

Great session, timed well, enjoyed guest speaker and was nice to hear how other schools have communicated with parents and what has worked well.

Well presented and easy to understand – clear approach.

Thank you Cat – plenty of useful advice and full of relevant information.

- Manchester Schools Teachers

Staff Wellbeing training February 2021

Dear Zain, The training was fantastic this morning, the staff have been to see me that are working in school and have said it was super and they will use lots of the ideas you suggested. 

Any training linked to wellbeing and mental health has been super important for our staff and hopefully gives them the strategies to get through these difficult times. 

Thanks to you and Emma, we are all better equipment to deal with whatever this pandemic is throwing at us. 

Thank you as always to all of the team at Healthy Schools.

- St Agnes Primary Teacher

LGBT+ training - January 2021

  • All of it was so good. Best CPD ever!
  • Cat was brilliant and engaging. It didn’t actually feel like a 3 hour session.
  • Really interactive which allows the people receiving training to stay engaged throughout.
  • It was a really informative training session that I have taken a lot from. Thank you!
- Manchester Schools Teachers

Eleanor & Healthy Schools - January 2021

Thank you as always for the support during this lockdown. It was so useful last time and we value the work that the team is doing to keep us updated during the pandemic! A massive thank you to you all as a team, for keeping us all going and restoring our enthusiasm when we need it most!

Thanks Eleanor, I have forwarded the link on to the staff! 

No thank you! All of the team at Healthy Schools have worked their socks off to ensure we feel confident going back into the classroom, each time we have faced something new in the pandemic. That has not gone unnoticed! Not all heroes wear capes!

We cannot thank you all enough for your ongoing support, we'd be lost without it! 

Many thanks again. 

- St Agnes Primary Deputy Head

Smoking E-Leaflet - January 2021

The leaflet looks fantastic, the content is excellent. I’d really like our service to be able to use this too if you wouldn’t mind.

- CGL Nurse Manager

PSHE I Matter Launch - December 2020

I tuned into the session today . It was very informative and well delivered by the whole team. Our school communities are very fortunate to have the Healthy Schools Team as a resource to help support our children and young people.

Please pass on my thanks to the team.

- MLCO Clinical Head of Service - School Health

RSE Policy & Statutory Guidance Training - November 2020

  • Thanks a lot.
  • It was very informative and presented in an engaging manner, thank you!
  • Excellent course, thank you.
  • It was a really useful and informative training session.
  • A brilliant information session - thanks so much!
  • This was a fantastic session, which was presented really well. I really appreciate how challenging it can be to keep people engaged during online training but Cat did an excellent job.
  • The information was useful and the time was spent productively. What a great session! Thank you!
  • Thank you a really informative session!
  • Thanks so much very useful course
  • Thank you very much! 

- Manchester Schools Teachers

Unintentional Injury Prevention resources - November 2020

Yes Helen was extremely helpful- there is so much information I'm still going through- you're all working super hard there!

- Cavendish School Teacher

Behind the Behaviour Programme - November 2020

That's fabulous Anne - thanks so much for this and for all the great work you do.

- Manchester School Delegate

Wellbeing for Education Return Programme - November 2020

  • Thanks so much for the training, it was excellent
  • Fantastic session, we got a lot out of it!
  • It was great – looking forward to session 2. Thanks very much to you all
  • Thank you guys as always for keeping us all calm during this crisis. It is hard to function some days and the fact that you guys are supporting us so well never goes unnoticed. I am sure I speak for many schools when I say that we are extremely grateful for all of your help throughout this pandemic. I do not know what we would have done without you all. Stay safe and keep positive.
  • Can I just say I think your courses are fab. Really enjoy them and think the staff are brilliant.

- Manchester Schools Teachers

Autumn E-newsletter October 2020

What a great end to a long week receiving this, the new format is great and the School Recovery Toolkit link on page 3 has been so well received here. That is a quite brilliant piece of work.

Good to see the Accident Prevention calendar as I've not had the chance to catch up on this work with Helen.

We're sharing this with our wider Population Health Team ahead of the full team meeting next week, it really showcases the value of our Healthy Schools team.

Hope it gets the feedback it deserves.


Commissioning Manager

This is a brilliant piece of work and so useful. Will send it out to all my staff.

Well done

Head of Physio

Thank you for sharing the new-look Healthy Schools autumn newsletter which includes the launch of your recovery toolkit resource to support the whole school community in the transition back to school post Covid lockdown

It is also exciting to read about Healthy Schools Service launch of the DfE funded Wellbeing for Education Return Programme in partnership with MCC colleagues.

The breadth of topics that the newsletter and your service covers is extremely impressive to read and will really make a difference to the health and outcomes of Manchester school children.

The aim of Healthy Schools is to help as many schools and college providers in Manchester as possible to provide wellbeing support for children and young people .The newsletter is evidence you do this very well.

Very well done and please pass on my congratulations to all your team.

I have included senior members of MLCO leadership team, as knowledge of the partnership work taking place in Manchester targeting hot topics such as drugs and alcohol, mental and emotional health ,will be useful in discussions with MCC Childrens Social Care leads

Thank you 

Lead Nurse

Thank you Kimberley and Karen for sharing this excellent work.

Chief Nurse

- MLCO Various Managers

General comments July 2020

  • Keep up the good work. Your resources have been amazing to plan our assemblies.
  • Thank you all for the support and training that we have already received in the past. We are really grateful for this, as we work with the most vulnerable groups of young people who need a great deal of additional help and support. Thanks.
  • Thank you so much for the outstanding support we have received from the Manchester Healthy School's Team this year, it's hugely appreciated.
  • Thank you for the hard work all the team does in supporting all the schools across Manchester
- Manchester Schools Teachers

Teachers replying to survey question regarding their feelings about Healthy Schools joining teams of school nurses July 2020

  • Yes it seems a good combination of professionals working together to achieve the same aim.
  • I have every faith that the support from the Manchester Healthy Schools Team will continue to be of a very high quality and timely.
  • I think it’s a good way to combine both the clinical expertise of the school nurse with the school development expertise of Healthy Schools.
- Manchester Schools Teachers

Healthy Schools Special Commendation Awards July 2020

Wow! Well done Kimberley and all the team, not only is this a fantastic way to recognise the schools in the current circumstances but it also demonstrates the hard work and professionalism of the team. The poem was fantastic and made me a bit teary!

Throughout all the difficulties of the last few months the Healthy Schools Team has continued to shine and make us all in CCHS very proud. Thank you.

Lead Manager

Seconded! Thank you HS.

Assistant Director 

Amazing feedback and thoroughly well deserved, I have been enjoying the awards this afternoon on Twitter. Well done all and thank you.

Operational Manager 

Fabulous virtual awards by healthy schools team today. Superb work and a great way to end this strangest of school years.

Head of Communications & Engagement

Unbelievable work in unprecedented times. Congratulations all for everything you do.

Chief Nurse & Professional Lead


Healthy Schools Virtual Training July 2020

I also meant to catch up with you, to say how impressed I was about the Zoom training you did. It was obviously a fantastic success and the staff involved should really be commended. Please pass on my thanks to all involved for representing School Health in such a positive light.

- MLCO Lead Manager

International Women’s Day Healthy Schools Stall March 2020

Dear Clare

Thank you for supporting our lunchtime event on International Women’s Day. You were a great help because you brought your bright ideas and people to the Mental Health Stall/Healthy Schools Stall. We could have not done it without you.

Thanks again for Friday.

- Loreto High School Student Council Member

RSE Policy & Guidance March 2020

·        Excellent delivery and very informative. The trainer is brilliant.

·        Fantastic. Knowledgeable staff. Colette had all the answers.

·        Great session, thank you!

·        A very useful course. Thanks.

·        Excellent! Thank you.

- Manchester Schools Teachers

PSHE Network Meeting Spring February 2020

·        Just fab as always!

·        Thank you! Very helpful with all info given.

·        Fantastic as always ladies! Thank you for your ongoing support!

·        Prompt / clear / well organised & quick! Very good!

·        Very well presented - thank you!

·        Thank you - extremely well delivered!

- Manchester Schools Teachers

Healthy Schools / School Health Self-harm Pathway launch February 2020

We are writing to you as Claire Duggan, Lead Manager recently submitted an excellence report stating: “On the 29th January the new Self-harm Pathway for School Health was launched. This was a joint piece of work between School Nurse Public Health Leads and Healthy Schools. The launch demonstrated excellent collaboration and extensive knowledge and clinical skills. This piece of work has also demonstrated the standard we want to achieve in all aspects of the service”.

We are always grateful for feedback about our staff and the excellent services being provided on behalf of the Directorate, We would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. 

We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage you to add this letter to your personal portfolio as a demonstration of the good work you were involved in undertaking. 

Once again thank you for your hard work and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for the future.

- MLCO Lead Manager / Locality Assistant Director / Lead Nurse

Drugs & Alcohol PowerPoints for Year 8 - February 2020

These look excellent Kelly! I bet they will go down a storm!

- Chorlton High School Teacher

PSHE Coordinator training January 2020

·        Thank you so much. I found this really beneficial.

·        Very helpful as I had very little knowledge before. Really informative and personable.

·        Thank you for a really informative day.

·        Loads of info & ideas thank you!

·        Thank you - I have enjoyed a really purposeful day and am looking forward to implementing some changes when I get back to school.

·        Fab day - thank you.

- Manchester Schools Teachers

RSE Safeguarding & Strategies September 2019

  • Very clear & efficient delivery.
  • Great strategies to use in PSHE lessons. Learning correct terminology to use regarding gender.
  • Great activities, especially the depersonalisation and "ask-it-basket".
- Manchester School Teachers

PSHE Network November 2019

  •  A really informative/useful afternoon.
  • So useful for networking. Brilliant. Thanks!
  • Really great session - looking forward to the next.
- Manchester School Teachers

Open Swim Workshops - pupils August 2019

  • I enjoyed learning about the signs and how to keep safe
  • I enjoyed learning about the rules in open water
  • I liked the swimming games
  • The thing I enjoyed was the discussion
- Manchester School Pupils

Good Practice in Drugs Ed November 2019

Great session, thanks.

- Manchester School Teacher

Healthy Lifestyles December 2019

  • Thank you! Enjoyed the course, very helpful!
  • Excellent presentation. Thank you.
  • Nicola is brilliant!
- Manchester Schools Teachers

Autism Co-production event November 2019

  • I have really enjoyed this session. Thank you.
  • Excellent session - well planned, challenging questions. Such a welcome initiative.
  • Just wanted to say what a brilliant session you both prepared today. It was such a unique opportunity for such a wide range of people to get together to discuss ideas and get that rich perspective of parents and professionals. Really looking forward to seeing how this moves forward. Thank you for getting us involved. It was an uplifting way to start the day.
- Manchester Schools Teachers & Parents

Healthy Lifestyles October 2019

Very professional and informative.

- Manchester School Teacher

Voicebox pupil October 2019

It was amazing. Nothing wrong.

- Manchester School Pupil

RSE staff training October 2019

Thoughtful & well delivered.

- Manchester School Teacher

BTB Mental Health & Self Esteem November 2019

  • Clare was fantastic. She was open and informative. Course was well led and organised. Good balance of activities.
  • Clare very knowledgeable about the subject. Really found it interesting. Would definitely like to go on more courses Clare does. Enjoyed the activities - relevant to the course.
  • Trainer very informative, friendly and welcoming. One of the best I've been on!

- Manchester School Teachers

BTB Introduction to Mental Health October 2019

Thank you. Really good informative training. Very interactive which made the course more interesting.

- Manchester School Teacher

RSE Safeguarding & Sensitive Questions April 2019

  • Trainer was clear & presented the information well.
  • Brilliantly delivered - thank you.
  • Fantastic meeting. Enthusiastic leader & engaging!
  • Very interactive - loved it.
  • Fantastically delivered.
  • Presenter was very good.
- Teachers, Pike Fold

Resilience April 2019

  • Really well delivered. Thank you very much!
  • Strategies - very useful. Delivery was excellent. Very informative.
  • All very informative! Great session!
  • Thank you for some very informative training.
- Teachers, St Clare's RC

Boost training March 2019

  • All parts were presented really clearly with lots of info regarding how to adapt. Enjoyed it all!
  • It was good to be able to reflect on own well-being and connect with others. Lovely trainer. Thank you.
  • Excellent course and fantastic resources - very well delivered. Thank you!
- Teachers, Various schools

Healthy Lifestyles March 2019

  • Comprehensive training session!
  • Fab - thank you!
  • Great - eye opening. Thank you.
  • Well delivered, lots to think about!
  • Clear informative delivery.
  • Clear. Concise. Informative. No 'waffle'.
- Teachers, Various schools

Staff Wellbeing March 2019

  • Emotional intelligence questions were interesting. All was good! Thank you.
  • Wish it was longer! Great session!
- Teachers, Crowcroft Park

Drug & Alcohol Awareness March 2019

  • The training was very well delivered with a good mix of group work & presentation.
  • Very informative - will influence future practice.
  • Really enjoyed the training - good knowledge delivered around different drugs.
  • Thank you for an informative session.
- Teachers, Various schools

RSE training February 2019

  • Very clear and thought provoking.
  • Excellent trainer - very clear and great delivery.
  • Well delivered.
  • Very useful, very clearly presented.
- Teachers, Unity Primary

Staff Wellbeing February 2019

  • Great training.
  • Very well presented. Confident speaker. Really informative.
  • Really well presented course!
- Teachers, Rolls Crescent

Voice Box Primary February 2019

  • Very engaging, children sharing good ideas, good team work.
  • All useful, Very interesting. Very informative. Thank you, children enjoyed it.
  • Brilliant event. Thank you.
  • Campaign ideas gave the children some great things to focus on. A good meeting which captured the interest of both adults and children. Looking forward to the next meeting.
  • Good afternoon. My children enjoyed and got a lot out of it.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you!
- Teachers, Various schools

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Currently working with the fab team at Healthy Schools including Helen with all this. Helen is extremely knowledgeable and approachable to work with. Our experience of working with her is really positive.
  • Thanks for this. Very informative and well pitched.
  • Good knowledge and understanding was shared in a fun, lively way. Thank you.
- Teachers, Various schools

Voice Box February 2019

  • Great event.
  • Great morning!
- Teachers, Various schools


  • Very informative and up to date resources. Very well led!
  • Amazing training. Very informative - lots of useful docs.
  • Very useful. Great delivery. Would love to book for staff training!
- Teachers, Various schools

Mental Health Awareness January 2019

  • Great course with loads of information.
  • Very good/enjoyable. To the point and useful.
- Teachers, St Andrew's CE Primary

RSE training January 2019

  • Delivered brilliantly
  • The course was very informative and engaging. I really enjoyed it!
  • All informative and helpful. Delivered with humour and understanding
- Teachers, Bowker Vale Primary

Connect 5 training February 2019

That's great, thank you for these resources Kimberley. The training was great, gave me lots to reflect on and lots of ideas to bring back to school.

- Teacher, St Bernards Primary School

Parental Engagement Network - Active Families January 2019

  • Very good & encouraging for being more active. 
  • Enjoyed learning and left me feeling positive towards a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Delivery was clear and concise. And eye opening!!
  • Fantastic Helen, you are changing the world. Keep it up! 
- Teachers & Parents Various schools

RSE Training January 2019

Thank you for yesterday’s staff meeting. I have been bombarded with positive comments in relation to your session today. Everyone really enjoyed it. 

- Teacher Bowker Vale Primary

Mental Health & Wellbeing January 2019

All the course was delivered in a very interesting way. 

Interactive. Fun. Informative. 

A personal thanks for helping me to identify stressors, find coping strategies & set targets to improve. 

Thank you for making us smile and have a laugh too

- Teachers St Anne's RC Crumpsall

RSE training

  • Louise was fantastic and delivered the information clearly and quickly. I got a lot from it - thanks!
  • All the information was delivered clearly and was useful. Thank you Louise & Ellie.
  • Well delivered and clear messages.
  • It was all very interesting and useful especially with regards to faith school. Thank you.
  • Helpful to learn about the different terminology in regards to gender.
- Teachers St Francis

PSHE Coordinator Training January2019

  • All very interesting. Lots of help as new to role.
  • Well planned & structured. Clear advise and lots of useful tips.
  • Slides were all very informative and clear. The PSHE info was fully covered. Good mix of activities.
  • Really useful to know what OFSTED want/expect to see. Games/activities made it fun. Thank you.
- Teachers Various schools

Wellbeing Training June 2018

  • Thank you very much, very thorough & well prepared. Great answers to questions.
  • Brilliantly presented and engaging. Made to feel really comfortable!
- Teachers St Chad's Primary School

Awards Event November 2018

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the ceremony yesterday, so glad it went well.

I was so enthusiastic when I got back to school....even though we had Ofsted in!

I had lots of ideas for our school not to mention our next aim is getting Gold.

....I found yesterday so useful and now I`m ready to go.

Please pass on my thanks to all of your team you have done an amazing job.

- Teacher St Marys CofE Primary School

Drugs & Alcohol Parents Evening

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for coming in last week, the stand looked fantastic. And thank you also for the blender, that was a great surprise! We'll think of something great to do with that.


Thanks again for all of your help so far this term.

- Teacher William Hulme's Grammar School

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Thanks for an informative course.
  • Thank you - good knowledge & well delivered.
- Teachers Alma Park

Substance Misuse and Mental Health - 11 December 2018

I thought Kelly was engaging, informative, knowledgeable, interactive, used multiple learning styles, info was current. Kelly had energy, gentle tone with a good volume. Was good at breaking down the slides & elaborating - rather than just reading. I think Kelly did a fantastic job of delivering.

- Early Help Parenting Manchester City Council

Mental Health & Self Esteem December 2018

THANKS!!!! Such wonderful resources. Really enjoyed the day.

- Teacher Abraham Moss

Drug Awareness

Just emailing to say a big thank you for taking the time to come into school on Wednesday. It was really well received and everyone I spoke to found it really useful and informative so thank you very much!

- Teacher Oswald Road Primary

Mental Health & Self Esteem

  • Kimberley was really knowledgeable, great confidence and open to everyone's ideas, very professional, encouraging.
  • Really helpful. Excellent pace, thorough, interesting and interactive. Thank you:)
  • Thank you very much for a great interactive training session. Well done :)
  • Training and resources really helpful. Kimberley was really engaging and made us feel comfortable to share our experiences.
  • You are a very positive, organised & interesting trainer :)
- Various Various schools & organisations

PSHE Coordinator Training November 2018

  • Great training, useful and gave food for thought. Also good opportunity to get ideas from other schools. Thank you!
  • The training used a range of delivery techniques to engage different learning styles and break up the day - very informative.
  • Fantastic subject knowledge.
  • Thank you - I have learnt loads today and look forward to working with you in next few weeks to develop PSHE within my school.
  • Activities in between were really good/relevant/interesting.
  • A good day. Enjoyed, really informative. Came away with new ideas.
- Teachers Various schools

Awards Event November 2018

  • It was good to celebrate our success and that of others.
  • A nice balance of rewarding good practice and also informing schools of future offers.
  • It was great to see special awards for schools who have excelled in particular areas.
  • Well organised.
  • Thanks for all your staff's effort and hard work.
  • The Healthy Schools programme is amazing! It helps me focus on areas of development and also develop all areas of PSHE. The team are very supportive and staff training is excellent.
  • Big thanks to Emma Schneider for her support last year. And we're looking forward to getting stuck in this year!
  • Great support, very friendly. Thanks.
- Teachers Various schools

Anti-Bullying Workshop October 2018

  • ·        Today’s lesson was all about anti-bullying. I liked this lesson because it was fun. I learnt a lot more about respect and now I know what it feels like to be bullied.
  • ·        I liked what we learned today because now when I see someone in trouble I am going to speak out for them as it is the right thing to do.
  • ·        I liked it because it taught me the effects of bullying, the way people can feel and that it is ok to be different.
  • ·        I think that it was a very helpful lesson about anti-bullying and I know what to do if I ever get bullied.
- Pupils William Hulme

Voice Box November 2018

The children really enjoyed it and it encouraged them to speak to other children across schools.

- Teacher St Andrew's CE Primary

PSHE Network Meeting 1

  • Good ideas for CPD.
  • I enjoyed having guest speakers and seeing services available to us.
  • Useful to see how to raise standards in school. Thank you for all your advice & support.
  • Looking forward to next PSHE network meeting.
  • PSHE (raising profile) - excellent advice. One of the best sessions to date - extremely helpful.
- Teachers Various schools

RSE training

  • Very informative/relaxed style - gave some good ideas/activities.
  • Very useful, thank you very much. Some useful techniques to use both in school and to approach with my own child.
  • Great session. Relaxed and great ways to help teach the kids.
  • I love the idea of story boards - this is wonderful for SEN kids. I will be using the worry box idea too. Thank you - fab session.
- Teachers Manchester Communication Primary

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

  • Informative and relevant
  • Enjoyed the session - lots of discussion
  • Really well delivered and suitable for my role
  • Really enjoyed the training. Staff absorbed the info and will put it into practice
  • Enjoyed the session, very engaging

- Staff Manchester Secondary PRU


  • Really good sessions
  • Great session, really engaging. I got a lot out of the session
  • I would recommend the course to others
- Teachers Manchester Secondary PRU


  • Enjoyed all of it
  • Excellent - would like more courses on this
  • I found the course content easily accessible
  • Good, informative session
  • Enjoyed the session
  • Enjoyable & relevant
  • Can't wait to work with Emma in the future!

- Teachers Manchester Secondary PRU

RSE training

Outstanding training. Feel more confident about delivery of content. Learned more ways to break down barriers to learning. Really well delivered and all really relevant. Really thoroughly enjoyed training session. Louise explained everything really clearly & well.

- Teachers Dean Trust Ardwick

Voice Box October 2018

I thought it was an excellent morning with fantastic engagement and debating skills from all pupils. Well done.

- Teacher Manchester Enterprise Academy

PSHE training

Well-presented training. Informative. Thank you

- Intervention TA Bridgelea

PSHE Training

Very Helpful-Thank you!

- Teacher, PSHE Co-ordinator Cavendish School

PSHE Training

It has motivated me to take action with regards to PSHE in school and not simply focus on the Healthy Schools Award.

- Teacher,PSHE Co-ordinator Irk Valley community school

Healthy Schools Team

Please pass on my thanks to you and your team. Everyone does work so hard. It is great to have schools take the time to recognise your input.

Well done all and keep up the good work!

- Clinical Head of Service School Health Service

iMatter Session

You were fantastic with the pupils. They gained so much from it and your knowledge and approach was perfect for our young people.

Thank you so much and hope to see you again soon.

- Teacher Melland High School

Boost training

The course was fantastic, best course I've been on. Enjoyed all the activities. Everything was good, made to feel very comfortable. Great delivery & great course!

- Teacher Abraham Moss

Boost training

What a great course, Kimberley was excellent and I feel excited to start this programme at school.

- Teacher Baguley Hall Primary

Thank you

"Thank you for all you do to support the health and happiness of children in Manchester."

- Teacher, Alma Park Primary

Staff Wellbeing Training

"The phasing of the session was excellent. The different areas were well-thought out, fun and informative. I loved it and the facilitator was fab!"

- Teacher, Whalley Range High School

Resilience Training with Manchester Mind

The session was really informative and provided a useful opportunity to take a step back and look at how we ‘manage’ ourselves. The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered the session in a positive and accessible way.

- Teacher, Manchester High School

PSHE Training

It has motivated me to take action with regards to PSHE in school and not simply focus on the Healthy Schools Award.

- PSHE Coordinator Manchester Primary School

Young Voices Network Meetings

“The pupils enjoyed the Young Voices session very much and they have used the resources and ideas shared with them at the session with the rest of the school council to develop an assembly to deliver during Anti-bullying week. Please see a picture below from their assembly.” 

- Deputy Head, Manchester Primary School

Manchester Healthy Schools Team

Thank you so much for the meeting yesterday. All staff really enjoyed and it made them aware of issues they haven't really been aware of before.

- Teacher, Manchester Primary School

Manchester Healthy Schools Team

Very supportive, very useful. All schools across the UK should have a healthy schools programme like this. Thank you, I appreciate all your help.

- Teacher, Manchester school

Big Health Challenge 2017

“Students from our school really enjoyed taking part in the event. I would like to thank the Healthy Schools team for setting up the event; they have done an excellent job of managing and running the programme.”

- Learning Mentor, Manchester Secondary School

Manchester Healthy Schools Team

Fantastic team giving us all fabulous support and ensuring we have healthier children as a result!

- Teacher, Manchester Primary School