We are delighted to announce the launch of the Mental and Emotional Health IMatter resources. Not only will these resources play a vital role in supporting your PSHE curriculum this year they will also help to support the mental health recovery of pupils following the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the primary and secondary scheme of work, the mental and emotional health topics include: Identifying and managing emotions, dealing with mental health issues, self-care and accessing support, dealing with change and loss, managing and avoiding exam stress, developing positive body image, self-esteem and developing resilience. The aim of these lessons is to support pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and strategies to look after their own mental health and wellbeing. The sessions also raise awareness of the specialist support that pupils can access and helps pupils to identify when they may need this specialist support.

Additional lessons seek to promote the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and risk management. Important topics such as: managing safe relationships on and offline, radicalisation and extremism, peer pressure, bullying, discrimination and intolerant behaviours, conflict resolution, sexting and pornography are also covered.

The lessons are linked to the PSHE Association framework and the statutory guidance from the DfE for health education. The lessons are downloadable from the Healthy Schools website and can be found in the resource sections of Mental Health and Wellbeing. We continue to welcome feedback so that the lessons can develop to meet all our schools' needs. Please find feedback forms in the downloadable files with the lessons. Please contact Emma.Pilling@mft.nhs.uk to send feedback for Mental and Emotional Health. Please also get in touch if you require any further help, advice or training.