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Our training programme is designed to support Manchester school staff to meet the health and wellbeing needs of their whole school community.

To access our free training, schools need to complete the Healthy Schools’ Health Check to sign up to our programme. Once you have completed your Health Check, you will be invited to meet a member of our team to develop an action plan to identify the training, resources and support that you would like to access from our team of specialists. You can then choose from our planned calendar training sessions, or arrange a twilight or bespoke training session and 1:1 support.

Please explore all our training courses and events below.


PSHE Network Meeting - Summer

12th June 2024

1pm - 3pm (2 Hours)


This network meeting is for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education Coordinators and staff who are responsible for delivering PSHE.  The meetings offer staff the opportun...
Social and Emotional Health

Understanding and navigating british values and smsc

19th June 2024

1.5 hours


This course looks at what British Values and SMSC are and how they can be promoted in schools as well as Ofsted expectations around SMSC. This training course explores the guidance issued by the DfE a...
Behind the Behaviour

Meeting the SEMH needs of children with SEND

27th June 2024

Half day


This training provides awareness of the common mental health problems experienced by children and young people and how to spot specific signs of poor mental health amongst children and young adults wi...
Drugs and Alcohol Education

Effective Drugs Education

1 hour


An essential course for anyone delivering drugs education, including approaches that can have a preventative effect and how to create a safe learning environment. Ideally delivered as a 1-hour session...
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Understanding Self-Harm and how to support Children and Young people

1 Hour - In-house training


This is an in-house training. To enquire about booking this training for your school please email the course leader.Self-harm is not a mental health problem within itself but indicative of an underlyi...
Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles training Part 1 - The importance of healthy eating in school and beyond

1 hour In-person or online


A look at the diets and nutritional health of children and young people in Manchester, the contribution school food can make towards a healthy diet, an update on the Childhood Obesity Plan, and a look...
Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction

1.5 hours


This training course offers a brief overview of the importance of eating a healthy diet and being physically active. It will signpost schools to resources which will help them to promote a whole-schoo...
Healthy Lifestyles

Supporting your child to eat well and be active during their school years

1 hour In-person


This workshop style session incorporates information on healthy eating, physical activity and sleep. It also focuses on healthy packed lunches, sugar awareness and the Eatwell Guide. Physical activity...
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Training

1.5 Hour - In-house training


It is vital that all staff have a basic understanding of Mental Health, what it is and the common mental health problems that they may need to support young people.The training course aims to cover th...


We offer bespoke training courses. Please contact us for more information