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Behind the Behaviour



The Links Between Communication and Behaviour

22nd November 2023 | 09:30 - 12:30 | online | Half day | MS Teams

Course description

“I’m behaving at you! Are you listening?” (Pam Snow 2014)

Behaviour is communication. Many children and young people with social, emotional, and mental health needs (SEMH) have speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN). These needs can often be unrecognised as behaviour can mask a child or young person’s challenges with communicating. Children and young people with recognised SLCN can also experience problems knowing how to act in different settings and with different people. Children and young people with SEMH and undetected or unmet SLCN are more at risk of experiencing challenges developing positive peer relationships and friendships, difficulties expressing their ideas and views leading to increased frustration; they may also face challenges with emotional regulation as we need language to understand our own and others’ emotions. This training aims to support you to understand and identify children and young people that might be presenting with SLCN. You will also be introduced to some strategies to help the children and young people you support in your settings who may have unmet SLCN.

• To begin to explore the relationship between communication and behaviour

• To be able to identify a range of Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

• To add strategies to your ‘toolkit’ when working in the classroom.

All courses are FREE of charge to schools and organisations within the Manchester City Council boundary, however a £25 non-attendance fee will be applied if you are unable to attend and less than 24 hours notice is provided (alternative staff may attend in your place).

For schools/organisations outside of Manchester, the following fees will apply:

£50 for full day courses, £30 for half day courses.


This course is FREE of charge to Manchester schools who have completed the current Health Check. For schools outside of Manchester please contact healthyschools@mft.nhs for fees.