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Behind the Behaviour



Substance Misuse and Mental Health

29th November 2023 | 10:00 - 12:30 | online | 2.5 hours | MS Teams

Course description

This course focuses on the relationship between substance misuse and mental health. The session includes different types of drugs and their effects on the brain, an introduction to cannabis and mental health, alcohol and mental health, risk and protective factors, and signs to identify young people who need support.

Learning Outcomes:

• To increase your knowledge of how different drugs affect the brain.

• To be aware of the relationship between cannabis, alcohol and mental health.

• To identify signs of how a young person may present when needing support.

All courses are FREE of charge to schools and organisations within the Manchester City Council boundary, however a £25 non-attendance fee will be applied if you are unable to attend and less than 24 hours notice is provided (alternative staff may attend in your place).

For schools/organisations outside of Manchester, the following fees will apply:

£50 for full day courses, £30 for half day courses.


This course is FREE of charge to Manchester schools who have completed the current Health Check. For schools outside of Manchester please contact healthyschools@mft.nhs for fees.


Kelly O'Brien

Kelly has gained over twenty-one years of experience working in both public health and education, including thirteen years with the Healthy Schools’ team. This has afforded Kelly with extensive experience of working with schools on all aspects of PSHE, delivering training, and developing schemes of work. Her specialist subject for Healthy Schools is drugs and alcohol education, and her professional interests include positive psychology, transition, and inclusion in education.

Kelly is passionate about supporting school communities to deliver Health Education through an approach that engages the whole school community and promotes a positive ethos and environment. She is committed to lifelong learning and has achieved a First-class BA (Hons) in Education; a Masters in Education in the field of Psychology of Education, and has undertaken postgraduate research about teachers' perspectives on PSHE and health education. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys cooking, gardening, films, and walking with her labradoodle, Bella.