Only 1 in 5 children have regular sight tests in Greater Manchester. The project, called See More, Learn More, Go Further! is aimed towards students aged between 10-12 years with a ‘vision’ to increase the uptake of eye-sight testing across Greater Manchester. Children within this age range are more likely to develop myopia (short-sight). Undiagnosed eye health and sight issues can lead to poor concentration, reduced engagement and difficult behaviour in class and reduced social interactions. They might also experience blurred vision, headaches or dizziness but some children may have no symptoms and be unaware of the reason for their difficulties.

It is hoped that the information provided by the project will increase awareness and understanding amongst children, parents, carers and teachers about the benefits of regular sight tests. In May and June 2017, Dr Sarah Slade, along with local optometrists from the Stockport area visited several schools and gave a fun, educational presentation to year 6 pupils, explaining eye tests; how the tests are free for children and that they can also get a voucher towards the cost of glasses.. 

The feedback from these presentations has been extremely positive and children thoroughly enjoyed their talk along with the “Animal eye facts quiz” followed by a PowToon animated presentation all about eye testing From those schools that provided feedback, an average of 4 additional children per class have had their eyes tested as a result of the presentation and leaflets given. 

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership have been running a radio/PR campaign promoting the project and the resource pack with the aim of improving the eye health of our children, helping them to see more, learn more and achieve their full potential. There is a lesson plan and resource pack that can be requested via email:

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Written by Sarah Ward, Business Support Officer and Dr Sarah Slade

Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership