Healthy Snack Recipe Competition

Last year we held a healthy recipe book competition which was very well received by schools and resulted in a recipe book full of knowledge and creativity around healthy meals or desserts. This year the focus will be on healthier snack choices either in school or at home. I am asking pupils to run a healthy snack recipe campaign to get as many good ideas as possible, with the focus being on good sugar swaps. The recipes can be as simple as slicing apple and adding peanut butter to flapjack recipes with added fruit and lower sugar ingredients.

It needs to be tasty,easy to make, look nice and, of course, have a good sugar swap. I have put together a primary and secondary school PowerPoint which will support you/your colleagues to launch the competition in your school.This has been sent out to Healthy schools co-ordinators. To enter ,please send your recipe ideas (with a photo of the snack !) A4, school name and contact details. to

Or post to Helen Johnstone, Healthy Schools, Wythenshawe offices, 1 Stancliffe road, Wythenshawe, M22 4PJ

The deadline is 5th April 2019