This year we will see a huge push in mental health awareness, children's mental health and services available across the UK but it is equally important for teachers to look after themselves and their own well-being. The Education Support Partnership provide a free confidential 24/7 helpline 365 days of the year for all staff in education. You will be listened to by trained counsellors, without judgement, who help you think through the problems you are facing to find a way forwards and feel better. No issue is too big or too small for them.

UK-wide: 08000 562 561

Txt: 07909 341229

Depending on your needs they might:

  • deal with your call personally and offer emotional support straight away
  • offer action plan support (coaching)
  • transfer you to one of their trained and accredited counsellors for counselling
  • connect you to one of their other services such as grants or information
  • assist with referral for long term treatment (for example, to your GP)

Teaching can be a deeply rewarding career but it will come as no surprise that many education professionals report high levels of work stress. Nearly a third (29%) said that their job made them feel stressed most or all of the time in the past few weeks, furthermore 50% said they had experienced depression, anxiety or panic attacks due to work. With this in mind, if you find yourself, or a colleague suffering from these ever-common symptoms please direct them to this helpline.

At Healthy Schools we encourage all schools to promote what Education Support has to offer. You can download free posters and materials for your staff rooms from their website.