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Young Voices

In 2015, Manchester Healthy Schools launched the Young Voices network with the aim of empowering Manchester’s pupils to use their voices in meaningful and effective ways. This network was established to support the development of successful school councils in primary schools and promote pupil voice across the whole school structure.


This year, three meetings will be held in north, central and south school clusters and participating schools take turns in hosting the meetings. The meetings are an opportunity for year 5-6 pupils to get together, share their ideas, learn new skills and meet and speak to pupils from other schools in Manchester.


The meetings will address a number of different topics or issues, presenting pupils with the ideas and inspiration to take these back to their schools for further discussion and action. These meetings will highlight local and global issues in order to raise awareness and empathy amongst children and to drive action from within their own schools. Topics covered in previous years include: anti-bullying, e-safety, human rights, physical activity and identity.