Healthy Schools

Social and Emotional Health

We support schools to improve children and young people's social and emotional health and to reduce bullying.

Social and Emotional Health is an extremely wide and diverse topic area and it is important that schools consider all aspects of the school day: including ethos and culture, curriculum, teaching and learning, discipline and reward, environment, support services and targeted interventions.

Please find a full list of training and resources available to support the development of Social and Emotional Health below.

Training & Events

British Values and SMSC

Universal Primary Secondary Special

This course looks at what British Values and SMSC are and how they can be promoted in schools as well as Ofsted expectations around SMSC. Th...

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How can schools support social and emotional health?

Universal Primary Secondary Special

This course defines what social emotional health is; it's difference from mental health, and why school communities are integral in supporti...

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Young People Online- E-safety and Social Media


This course focuses different ways children and young people use the internet, and both the advantages and disadvantages of online and socia...

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NSPCC school bullying briefing

Produced by the NSPCC’s Safeguarding in Education Service to help schools, academies and colleges to develop, evaluate and review their anti-bullying policies, procedures and practices


Preventing and Tackling Bullying

This document has been produced to help schools prevent and respond to bullying as part of their overall behaviour policy and to understand their legal responsibilities in this area.


Manchester Healthy Schools Template Anti Bullying Policy

A template anti-bullying policy for schools to adapt and complete for their own needs.

This resource is only available for Manchester Schools