Healthy Schools

Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles theme incorporates a range of resources, staff training and interventions around the topic areas of healthy eating and physical activity. The Healthy Lifestyles theme aims to promote and develop healthy lifestyle choices in the school age population, preventing and reducing the number of children with excess weight across Manchester. Please contact for more information.

Training & Events

Developing A Physically Active School Community 21st April 2021 3.30pm-4.30pm

Universal Primary Secondary

This 1 hour course considers the national guidelines around physical activity in schools and ways to get your whole school community moving...

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Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating - Wednesday 3rd March 2021 3.30pm-4.30pm

Universal Primary Secondary Special

This 1 hour course considers the national guidelines around food served in schools and how a culture of healthy eating can be created. Topic...

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Active Lifestyles- The importance of Physical Activity

Priority Primary

This one hour training course covers the importance of a whole-school approach to Physical Activity, in line with the Government ‘Childhood...

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Food teaching in secondary schools

This framework is a guide to the knowledge and skills expected of secondary school food teachers. It outlines the knowledge and skills that would be developed over time–resulting in exemplary food teaching. Produced by Public Health England and the British Nutrition Foundation.


Physical Activity Policy

Template Physical Activity/Active Play Policy. The key aim of a whole-school Physical Activity Policy is to develop and promote a range of physical activities for the whole school community throughout the school day and beyond which are underpinned by a supportive ethos and environment. 

This resource is only available for Manchester Schools

Creating a culture and ethos of healthy eating - Practical Guidance

Practical guidance on a whole school approach to healthy eating by the School Food Plan. Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework includes a judgment on personal development, behaviour and welfare. As part of reaching this judgment, inspectors will look at the extent to which schools are successfully supporting pupils to gain “knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy” and “make informed choices about healthy eating, [and] fitness” throughout their entire inspection.