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Teaching Sensitive Subjects - Focus on Mental Health, Consent, or Gangs and Exploitation

face-to-face | 1-2 hours | In school

Course description

The course covers:

  • General PSHE techniques applied to the specific content area. Content area is chosen in advance between the three offered, as is needed by the school.
  • Tools and tricks to build engagement
  • Strategies for supporting young people with lived experience to engage with the topic

This training brings together best practice in PSHE with subject area knowledge of one of the topics listed above. It aims to support teachers when delivering specific content on sensitive topics, equipping them with the tools needed to make it possible for students to engage in a meaningful way. Sessions can be on any one topic, and are delivered in person.





For staff delivering lessons on sensitive subjects


This course is FREE of charge to Manchester schools who have completed the current Health Check. For schools outside of Manchester please contact healthyschools@mft.nhs for fees.


Sophie Collins

Sophie has a decade of experience working in schools, with training in Philosophy for Children, and expertise in informal education. In 2017, they moved to Manchester to start facilitating RSE lessons for a leading youth charity - six years on, and they still love the city and the subject. In that time, they have had the privilege of working with young people across the range of education settings from primaries through to college, in mainstream and SEND provisions, as well as in youth clubs and PRUs. They have delivered extensive RSE and PSHE training and coaching, striving to support educators with their skills, knowledge, and confidence. Sophie has worked in policy development and volunteered as a charity trustee; they’re as passionate about good governance as they are about pedagogy. Between 2020-2022, they completed a Master's in Education & Social Justice, with a focus on PSHE delivery. In June 2023, Sophie joined the Healthy Schools Team as PSHE lead in a maternity cover position and is enjoying putting their knowledge and skills to good use. In their free time, Sophie likes to watch, perform, and spend too much time thinking about, stand-up comedy. This year they hope to get a cat.



Introduction to the Pedagogy of PSHE

19th July 2024



Teaching Sensitive Subjects - Focus on Mental Health, Consent, or Gangs and Exploitation

19th July 2024