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Anti-Bullying Policy and Practice - 4th March 2020

Course description

This training give a general overview of bullying and bullying prevention looking at definitions, laws, statistics , different forms of bullying and how this can impact on pupil welfare.

The training will incorporate the following:

-Defining bullying; the different forms and the effects. (This includes the rise of cyber-bullying and homophobic bullying.                                                   

-The role of the school in managing bullying both within and outside school.                      

-Practical strategies for reducing bullying.                                     

-Relevant Ofsted requirements                                      

-Sessions/ resources/ interventions for children and young people.                         

-Developing pupil-led anti-bullying work in your school.                               

-Drafting of policy and procedures                                         

-Developing best practice anti-bullying policies and procedures in line with Ofsted guidelines.


This course is open to all staff who work within a school setting.


This course is provided free of charge to Manchester schools who have completed the 2019/20 Health Check.

Course booking information

Please check the website for upcoming dates and reserve your place using the online booking system. If you have any questions about the course then please email

If you are interested in our training but are from another organisation then please contact us to find out about our bespoke training packages/current fees and charges.

Course Day(s) / Time

17th June 2020 12:30 - 15:30